GrievTrac Tool

We're pleased to announe our new grievance tracking systems "GrievTrac". With it stewards can take grievance tracking to a whole new level. The GrievTrac system allows them to efficiently research, collaborate, share, archive and directly facilitate the grievance process online. Stewards will be able to enter and track each step of the grievance process, receive notifications of key step dates and upload documents for each step. They will be able to enter grievance statements, general remedy text specific to our organization and can set the specific grievance types, remedy types and other details required for our reporting. Furthermore, the data is recorded through highly secure SSL connections and data encryption. Stewards will connect using SSL encryption for secure transmission of grievance information and member data is encrypted for even more security. GrievTrac uses a friendly web based interface, making it easy to use and review. Users can access grievance information from any computer, tablet, or mobile device allowing them to quickly view the most current grievances in a list format, show only open grievances, only closed grievances, grievances that are coming up for review or grievances within a specific date period all with the click of a button. We firmly believe this will be an effective and efficient tool to pursue all grievances.


What is a Grievance

A Grievance in the broadest terms is any unjust act that management has the power to correct. However your contract may have specifics as to what defines a "grievance". You should review your exact language. See the outline below for the Five Categories of Grievances.

Violation of the Contract — These types of violations are the most obvious. Always be sure to cite the article(s) violated.

Violation of Law — Not as common as contract violations. Could be federal, state or even local ordinance. Its best to cite the specific law including title and section.

Violation of Written Precedent — This would cover violation of work rules, employer policies, memos or other letters of understanding regarding the contract and past grievance settlements.

Bona Fide Unfair Action — These are type that don't fall into the other categories but represent a general unfair or unreasonable action of management.

Violation of Past Practice — These occur when there is no written precedent and no language in the contract. Must be recurring, uniform in past handling, over a long period and general accepted by both parties.