Code Enforcement Chief Steward, Paul Stoops

Paul Stoops

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude in being able to serve you as Chief Steward for Code Enforcement. I have had a great twelve years here and embraced this chance to lead and get to know each of you a little more. Also, I wanted to build on the good things that were accomplished before my stewardship. My goal is to create a better relationship with management, in hope of having our union as a backdrop and not the first resort in solving problems. Everyone knows that's not always possible, but it remains my focus.

With a couple of grievances close to being resolved, we also have great things happening. Our recent departmental cook-out, which provided good food and good fellowship, was a successful gathering of officers, supervisors, and directors. Our recent Picking of New Areas in the midst of our previous two year agreement was as "reaching across the aisle" for both sides. I know our lives and schedules are busy and time is precious, but maybe you could find a few moments to attend our monthly union meetings. We don't just share workplace grief, but also what's going on in our families lives, sharing stories and ideas, and becoming closer as brothers and sis-ters. I've taken enough of your time now, but remember my door my not always be open, because I may fall out of the car!

Anderson Wood Chief Steward, Sonja Greiner

Sonja Greiner

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I am Sonja Greiner and I have worked for Anderson Wood for seventeen years. I am also the chief steward. I love my job and I love to help people. If someone has an issue, I will always go by the contract to ensure it is being followed correctly and I want make sure that my brothers and sisters get treated right. I am proud to be Local 2501 union member and to serve as your chief steward.

Steward Training

Training for new Stewards was completed on July 31st at the Union Hall located at 1245 Durrett Lane. New Stewards spent the day learning vital techniques for grievance procedures and other necessary functions performed by Stewards. All new stewards found the training to be beneficial and look forward to the challenges their new roles present. Each of them are ready to assist you!

2501 Stewards